Salvo Summer Ale II (“S2”)

Beer style: Pale Ale
Target ABV: 4.2%
Ready for drinking: from 1st October 2013

Named after the new husband of my just-married childhood friend Katie (surname Salvatore), this is a light fruity pale ale. The aim was to create a thoroughly drinkable summery ale. And this is my second attempt. Salvo version 1 went down very well at their wedding last month. This version will hopefully be a tiny bit brighter (more fizzy). Also I’ve used a different yeast and a slightly different combination of malts, so we’ll just have to see if its any better than the first.

Crate of Salvo II

Salvo II will be ready to drink by 1st October. Feedback very welcome indeed! It’s the one with “S2″ written on the yellow cap. Please leave a comment by clicking below…


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  1. Mike says:

    Well if Salvo II is anywhere near as good as Salvo I we are in for a treat, are you sure we have to wait until October 1st.

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