Salvo versus Salvo IItasting salvo

So today I excitedly opened my first bottle of Salvo II. I’d modified the recipe for Salvo version 1 to make this citrusy pale ale a little bit more fizzy. Sadly the one area where I made a change in the recipe is the one thing that seems to have totally failed. The two bottles of Salvo II I opened today were totally flat. The second stage fermentation that usually happens inside the bottle makes the beer fizzy and it hasn’t happened at all. The beer is too sweet and totally flat (because the final bit of sugar hasn’t been fermented into alcohol). A real shame!

I’m rather embarrassed that I’ve handed out a load of bottles to friends and family. It’s pretty awful. I bit like a citrusy fruit cordial. There are a number of things that could have gone wrong. The yeast in the bottle may have died because the sterilising fluid that I use to clean the bottle may not have been rinsed out properly. This is unlikely as I’m pretty thorough with cleaning and so far both bottles I’ve opened are flat.

More likely is that the yeast hasn’t done it’s job because I left the bottle unsealed for ages (because I’d failed to let the first stage fermentation finish properly – I’d forgotten to test the sugar content until after decanting the and it was too late once it was bottled – and I was worried the bottle would explode). It may be that all the oxygen in the beer was used up before I sealed the bottle. And then there was no more oxygen to complete the fermentation. Rubbish!! I won’t be doing that again. Apologies to everyone who has a bottle. Maybe hold on to it until you have a bottle of Salvo III to compare it to.

Salvo scored 7/10.

Salvo II scores 2/10!

So, to conclude. Salvo I is way better the Salvo II and I’ll need to make sure I don’t mess up the second stage fermentation next time.


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