Larkin Stout (“LS”)

Beer style: Stout/Porter
Target ABV: 4.6%
Ready for drinking: from 28th October 2013So much beer!

This is my first attempt at brewing a stout. I haven’t tasted it yet but I’m pretty sure I’ll be changing the recipe next time. I’d like it to be rather darker in colour next time (I’ll add more chocolate malt or perhaps some roasted barley). I’d like the final recipe to be pretty dark with a good head, to be tasty but pretty light and drinkable – and to be the perfect match for a peppery steak. If it is somewhere close to the delicious Black Isle Porter I’ll be very happy.

I’ve decided to name the stout after Philip Larkin. I don’t know much about him but I happened to stumble across a lovely poem by him this week (it’s called “Days”) and I planned this brew on national poetry day (3 Oct 13) so it seemed like a good idea.

After the disasterously flat  Salvo II I’m a little bit nervous about handing out lots of bottles. However, the crates of beer are piling up in the house though so I’m just going to ask you to be kind.

Comments very welcome.


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