Salvo IIISparging Salvo III (“S3”)

Beer style: Pale Ale
Target ABV: 4.2%
Ready for drinking: from 14 November 2013

After the flat failure of Salvo II I’m determined to get this one right. I’ve made a few little tweaks to the recipe – slightly more cascade hops and slightly less amarillo hops. And also some malted wheat added to  the grist to try and improve head retension!

Also, I did all the brewing in my pyjamas which was a first.

Fingers crossed for the bottling next weekend, which hopefully I won’t mess up like last time.


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  1. Frank Brennan says:

    Dear Jo. Absolute pleasure to meet you & Erin at your Mum’s birthday party yesterday. I’ve just returned from a walk I do locally for a few miles or so & downed Lilly the Pink & Ojab Dunkel in quick succession that you kindly gave me. Fab – U – Lous & Thanks Again

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