Christmas Stout

christmas stout malt

a vast array of malt

Beer style: Chocolate Stout
Target ABV: 6.5%
Ready for drinking: from 24th December 2013

Due to a few weekends away and the fact I continue to have a full-time job, it’s been a whole month since I did any brewing. And in brewing timescales at least, Christmas is fast approaching. I decided to brewing something rich, chocolately and a little bit spiced. It could be horrible and sweet or it might be bittersweet, rich and delicious – only time will tell.

I’ve flavoured the beer with cocoa, orange zest and cardamon – and a vast array of malt and grains. There’s pale malt and crystal malt, chocolate malt and roasted barley, a bit of flaked barley and some flaked oats. Definitely a seriously dark post-dinner beer to sip, rather than something to drink a pint of.

Happy Christmas everyone!


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