“Lily the Pink” (Sour Raspberry Beer)Raspberries go in to the boiler

Beer style: Framboise
Target ABV: 5%
Ready for drinking: from 17 March 2014

This is definitely the weirdest beer I’ve made so far. Framboise beers are “lambic”, that is the use wild yeast rather than the tighly controlled yeast species you normally use to create beer. The wild yeast creates a sharp sour flavour, hopefully beuatfilly balanced with the sweetness of the raspberries. You basically deliberately allow the beer to go off for a few days, then stop it when it’s sour enough for your liking.Day 1 of "going sour"

I got a snippest of advice from the Beavertown Brewery’s brewmaster Logan Plant and made up the rest. I did the mash as normal, add the fruit to the wort in the boiler. Rather than carying on with the boil I then left the beer for few days with a hops bag of barley floating around in it. The theory is that the wild yeast on the outside of the barley infects the yeast. In reality the beer would have probably got off anyway. Afer three days the beer was suitably sour and I then carried on with the boil. The boil kills off the wild yeast so the fermentation happens in a controlled way as normal (i.e. with yeast I’ve added).Day 3 of souring

I’ve no idea whether the results will be any good. Oli was good enough to donate 2 kg of frozen raspberries from his garden so I’d be devistated to waste them all. The risk is that it tastes too sour and with all sorts of odd off flavours.

And the beer is named after my new neice. (Not so new any more – little Lily is now almost 4 months old). And of course the sixties pop classic “Lily the Pink” and her medicial compound.

Boiling up the wort after 3 days


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