Bunting Bitter version 2

Brew Cupboard

Possible Brew cupbard layout

Beer style: Bitter
Target ABV: 5.5%
Ready for drinking: from 31 May 2014

No brewing for more than a month! What a disgrace. I blame holidays and the total chaos in our house caused by our current garden relandscaping project. The good news is that I did manage to squeeze in a brew last weekend and the even better news is the new garden design incorporates a “brew cupboard” – a crazy wooden lean-to that unfolds to create a semi-outdoor brewing space in the side return of the house. No more smelly brewing in the living room or bubbling fermentation in the bathroom cupboard (unless the weather is really bad).

So, I’ve had another go at a bitter. I was inspired by a delicious brew from the Wild Card Brewery up the road in Walthomstow and some very positive feedback on Bunting Bitter version 1.

The recipe stayed almost the same, just a few tweaks to the hop cobination and variety of yeast. Definitely need to do some blind testing with this next batch.


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