Frida pale ale – v2keg_shake

Beer style: Pale ale
Target ABV: 4%
Ready for drinking: from 24 May 2014 (but brewed on 17 May!)

Exciting times! My mate Al is getting married this summer and would love a keg or beer at his wedding reception. So, I’ve bought myself a beautiful cornelius keg. It really is a thing of beauty. All polished stainless steel. The idea is that you stick the beer in the keg  rather than bottles after the initial fermentation and then rather than leaving the beer in the bottles for a few weeks for secondary fermentation you can almost instantly make the beer fizzy by adding carbon dioxide.

I brewed one Saturday and then served the beer from the keg at a BBQ on the following Saturday. I stuck to a known recipe and did a slight variation on the Frida Pale Ale. The fun bit was trying to get C02 into the keg quickly on Saturday morning. Usually you would leave the keg connected to the gas for a week or so at pressure and gradually the beer would absorb the gas. If you want to do it quickly you have to pressurise and then shake it up violently – or roll it along the floor, which was my chosen method. It didn’t quite work and was very hard to just how fizzy it was getting. I ended up with a very foamy, but not very fizzy pale ale. Tasty but looking forward to trying it again with the slow and less exhausting method. Most of all, it was a pleasure not to wash and sterilise 40 individual bottles.


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