Amarillo Alebrewshed hooks

Beer style: Pale ale
Target ABV: 4.5%
Hops: Challenger and Amarillo
Ready for drinking: from 8 Aug 2014 (keg)

Another brew for Alvin’s wedding. Another pale ale, but aiming for something a bit citrusy this time. The weather has been crazily warm – for the last brew it was almost perfect – 25 degrees during the day and maybe 15 degress at night. With a nice little insulated cover over my fermenting tank, my brew was staying at about 20 degrees.

This brew might be a little bit different. It’s getting up to 30 degrees plus in the day and it’s going to be tricky to keep it cool. I might need to bring it inside the cool house. I guess a highish fermenting temperature will probably give me some fruit esters in the brew. Perhaps not such a bad thing for this recipe.


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  1. Bishop says:

    I had a similar issue with an Amarillo Ale….I finally bit the bullet and bought an old chest freezer and put temperature control on it….Houston is a brutal place for a homebrewer.
    A pat on the back for you.

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