HorizonHorizon IPA

Beer style: “Red” IPA
Target ABV: 5%
Hops: Fuggles and Bramling Cross
Ready for drinking: from 1 December 2014

Another excuse for a brew. This time the launch of a project at work. The project is called “Horizon”, hence the name. My hope was to brew a classic English IPA, hoppy and rich and complex, not like all the super-citrusy American-style IPAs that are all the rage right now. Worthington White Shield is a personal favourite in this style.

The result was rather darker than I’d hoped. I used 60% pale malt, 7% crystal malt, 25% munich malt and 8% amber malt. I should have gone with about 80% pale and will do next time. To cover up my mistake I called it a “Red IPA”. If all the east London hipsters can brew oxymoronic black IPAs then there is no reason I can’t brew a red one!

The result was pretty tasty but could probably take a few more grams aroma hops next time.


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