D.D.S Dunkel (dark lager)

Beer style: dunkel (dark lager)
Target ABV: 4.5%
Hops: Fuggles and Saaz
Ready for drinking: from 1 Jan 2015

I want to brew a really complex and interesting ale/lager hybrid. I also wanted to try out a new “no sparge” technique. See here for details. It worked brilliantly. No more sparging for me!

I’ve named after the newest arrival in the lovely Sharrocks family. Daniel’s initials are DDS and therefore so it the beer.

The result is not bad (I mean the beer, not the baby!). Not very lagery but pretty tasty and has a certain freshness and spiciness from the Saab hops presumably.

This is the last general brewing blog I intend to write. Last year I succeeded in hitting my random target of brewing 1000 bottles of beer. Now that my challenge is complete, I’m going to concentrate on doing a few experiments. Rather than blogging about every brew I do, the plan is to carry out some nicely controlled experiments and write up the results here.


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