My name is Jo and I love beer.

Over the last few years I’ve become more and more obsessed with craft beer, pub culture and microbrewing. Two years ago I decided that I would drink 500 different beers in my thirtieth year on the planet (see www.myyearofbeer.tumblr.com for the results). I suceeeded and it was awesome – The perfect excuse to go to the pub and drink interesting beer every day of the week. This blog is the record of my latest self-inflicted beer-related personal challenges.

My new challenge is less about drinking and more about brewing. Between the 4th September 2013 and 4th September 2014 (my birthday) I will brew at least 1000 bottles of beer. Given the size of my homebrew kit (about 20 litres) this means I’ll have a brew on the go pretty much all the time – I’ll be starting a new brew every fortnight. I’ll need loads of help from my family and friends with all the drinking and tasting. And with their help my aim is to perfect five or six homebrew recipes in my favourite styles and produce some truely delicious beer.


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